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Ketamine Addiction: Signs, Effects, and Treatments OHIO Community Health

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While users report feeling complete bliss on ketamine, consuming high amounts of this drug can produce effects similar to a near-death experience. Based on existing but limited research data, ketamine holds some promise as an alternative pain management treatment. Some indications that these committees included in their recommendations include spinal cord injury pain and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). These groups recognize that more thorough and consistent research is needed. Drugs used off-label may be given for a disease or condition they are not approved to treat, given in a different form, or prescribed in a different dose than what is FDA-approved. Other mechanisms of action exerted by ketamine may also contribute to this pain control.

Ketamine Addiction Symptoms and Signs

Additionally, intentional misuse of ketamine impairs judgment and can leave the person using it vulnerable. Ketamine abuse not only changes a person’s physiology and mental health condition but can also lead to significant behavioural changes. Ketamine abuse can lead to the development of dependence and addiction, ketamine addiction as well as a host of serious health conditions, like ketamine bladder and ulcerative cystitis, which can cause serious or even permanent damage. Patrick McCamley (Clinical Therapist) is a Cincinnati native who has worked in substance use disorder/co-occurring mental health disorder treatment since 2019.

Ketamine Abuse: Addiction, Effects, and Treatment

Ketamine has been used in clinical trials to help treat people with cocaine and alcohol addiction. To fatally overdose on ketamine alone, it would take approximately 6 to 10 times the amount used to help assist during surgical procedures. Ketamine’s effects are powerful, and once a person https://ecosoberhouse.com/ has developed tolerance they will need to take more of the substance to feel the same euphoric effects. Some people mix cocaine and ketamine, often referred to as Calvin Klein or CK Blend. This is a widely used party drug and is often snorted to produce hallucinations and euphoria.

If you have a loved one who’s struggling with addiction, staging an intervention is often the first necessary step towards sobriety, but it’s important to be strategic and loving in your approach. Even the most well-meaning of interventions can have a negative effect if they aren’t handled correctly. Individuals going through Ketamine withdrawal may become easily agitated or annoyed.

Ketamine Withdrawal

Ketamine also can have serious side effects, including hallucinations and a feeling of being disconnected from reality. Due to its potential for misuse and addiction, Ketamine can only be prescribed by a licensed medical professional and should only under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider. Ketamine is a powerful anesthetic medication primarily used in medical settings for sedation and pain relief.

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